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Dichotic Perception: Evidence for Right Hemisphere Dysfunction in Affective Psychosis

  • Allan Yozawitz (a1), Gerard Bruder (a1), Samuel Sutton (a1), Lawrence Sharpe (a2), Barry Gurland (a3), Joseph Fleiss (a2) and Louis Costa (a4)...


The association between lateralized hemispheric dysfunction and psychiatric diagnosis was investigated with a measure of summation of dichotic clicks and with a dichotic competing message task. Ear asymmetries of affective psychotic patients were similar to those of right temporal lesioned controls and differed from those of schizophrenic patients and normal controls. In contrast, schizophrenic patients did not display abnormal auditory perceptual asymmetries.



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Dichotic Perception: Evidence for Right Hemisphere Dysfunction in Affective Psychosis

  • Allan Yozawitz (a1), Gerard Bruder (a1), Samuel Sutton (a1), Lawrence Sharpe (a2), Barry Gurland (a3), Joseph Fleiss (a2) and Louis Costa (a4)...
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