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Tenerife Experiments: Galactic Contribution to CMB Observations at 1° angular scales

  • J. F. Macias-Perez (a1), R. A. Watson (a1), R. D. Davies (a1), A. Wilkinson (a1), J. A. Rubiño-Martin (a2), C. M. Gutierrez (a2), J. Gallegos (a2), R. L. Rebolo (a2) and R. J. Hoyland (a2)...


Cosmic Microwave Observations at 1° scales are extremely important on the understanding of modern Cosmology. At those angular scales the CMB power spectrum presents the first Doppler Peak. The position and amplitude of this peak provide strong constraints on cosmological parameters as H 0 and Ω0. The JBO-IAC interferometer has observed those angular scales as well as the BOOMERANG and MAXIMA teams. The results from these groups show the existence of the first Doppler Peak. We present a detailed estimate of the galactic contribution to the JBO-IAC interferometer data set using data from the Tenerife and COSMOSOMAS experiments.



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