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The Sky Polarisation Observatory (SPOrt) Program

  • E. Carretti (a1), S. Cortiglioni (a1), M. Tucci (a2), S. Cecchini (a1), C. MacCuli (a1), M. Orsini (a1), J. Monari (a3), A. Orfei (a3), S. Poppi (a3), S. Bonometto (a4), G. Boella (a4), M. Gervasi (a4), G. Sironi (a4), M. Zannoni (a4), R. Fabbri (a5), L. Nicastro (a6), R. Tascone (a7) and U. Pisani (a8)...


The goal of the Sky Polarisation Observatory (SPOrt) Program is the measurement of the sky linearly polarised emission in the 22-90 GHz frequency range from the International Space Station (2003-2004). The instrument configuration together with most relevant ground support activities are presented. In particular, the development of hardware solutions for high sensitive polarimetric measurements has been addressed by the SPOrt team to match the experiment requirements.



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