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Constraints on Cosmological Models from Cosmic Flows

  • Michael J. Hudson (a1), Russell J. Smith (a2), John R. Lucey (a3), David J. Schlegel (a4) and Roger L. Davies (a3)...


The SMAC cluster sample (Hudson et al. 1999), with a depth of ˜ 12000km s-1, has a bulk velocity of ˜ 600 km s-1, with respect to the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) frame. Other surveys (Willick 1999, hereafter LP10k; Lauer & Postman 1994, hereafter ACIF) have also yielded large bulk motions on similarly large scales. Taken at face value, these results appear to be in conflict with bulk flows expected from favoured cosmological models. However, at the same time, other surveys (notably Dale et al. 1999, hereafter SC) have found rather small bulk motions on large scales. We have measured bulk flows from the above mentioned surveys plus SNIa (Riess et al. 1995) in a consistent way. The results are given in Table 1. The measurement errors are due to peculiar velocity errors. Note that these are the errors typically quoted. Based on these errors alone, there appears to be conflict between some of the surveys (e.g. SC vs SMAC).



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