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Very fast-germinating seeds of desert species are cryptoviparous-like

  • Kun Liu (a1), Jerry M. Baskin (a2), Carol C. Baskin (a2) (a3) and Guozhen Du (a1)


From previously published studies we have learned that very fast-germinating species have some characteristics in common with cryptoviviparous species: (1) little or no endosperm/perisperm; (2) embryos fully developed and chlorophyllous at seed maturity; and (3) very fast germination, independent of temperature. Thus, we propose that these very fast-germinating seeds are ‘cryptoviviparous-like′.


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Very fast-germinating seeds of desert species are cryptoviparous-like

  • Kun Liu (a1), Jerry M. Baskin (a2), Carol C. Baskin (a2) (a3) and Guozhen Du (a1)


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