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A role for PM19-Like 1 in seed dormancy in Arabidopsis

  • Jose M. Barrero (a1), Marie M. Dorr (a1), Mark J. Talbot (a1), Shinnosuke Ishikawa (a2), Taishi Umezawa (a2), Rosemary G. White (a1) and Frank Gubler (a1)...


The understanding of the genetic basis of grain dormancy in wheat has rapidly improved in the last few years, and a number of genes have been identified related to that trait. We recently identified the wheat genes TaPM19-A1 and -A2 and we have now taken the first step towards understanding the role of this class of genes in seeds. By investigating the Arabidopsis homologous PM19-Like 1 (PM19L1) we have found that it has a seed-specific expression pattern and, while its expression is higher in dormant than in non-dormant seeds, knock-out mutations produced seeds with increased dormancy. Not only primary dormancy, but also secondary dormancy in response to high temperature was increased by the loss-of-function. We have also examined the function of PM19L1 by localizing the PM19 protein primarily to the cotyledon cells in seeds, possibly in membranes. By investigating the co-expression network of this gene we have found that it is connected to a small group of abscisic acid (ABA)-induced seed maturation and storage-related genes. The function of PM19L1 represents a good opportunity to explore the interactions of key factors that can influence seed dormancy such as ABA, temperature and membrane properties.


Corresponding author

*Author for correspondence: Jose Barrero, Email:


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Current address: Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada.


Current address: Sunrice, Leeton, NSW, Australia.



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