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Genome-wide analyses of gene activity during seed development

  • John J. Harada (a1) and Julie Pelletier (a1)


The seed consists of three distinct regions, the zygotic embryo and endosperm and the maternal seed coat. Development of the seed requires co-ordinated growth and differentiation within each of these regions. Although the major events that occur during seed development have been studied extensively at the anatomical, physiological and molecular level, a comprehensive understanding of gene activity in each seed region has been lacking. DNA microarrays and extensive sequencing of cDNA libraries permit genome-wide analyses of mRNA populations of biological samples. We review recent studies of genome-wide gene activity that illustrate approaches used to provide new insights into the processes that occur during seed development.


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Genome-wide analyses of gene activity during seed development

  • John J. Harada (a1) and Julie Pelletier (a1)


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