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Editorial board

Dr Carl Griffin, University of Sussex, UK

Professor Keith D. M. Snell, University of Leicester, UK

Professor Tom Williamson, University of East Anglia, UK


Dr Liz Bellamy, Centre of East Anglian Studies|University of East Anglia|Norwich NR4 7TJ|

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr John Atchison, University of New England, Australia

Professor John Barrell, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Dr Jeremy Burchardt, University of Reading, UK

Professor David Cannadine, Princeton University, USA

Dr Steve Hindle, University of Warwick, UK

Professor Jeanette Neeson, York University, Ontario, Canada

Dr Anne O’Dowd, National Museum of Ireland, Republic of Ireland

Professor Barry Reay, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Professor Albion Urdank, UCLA, USA

Professor Eric Vanhaute, University of Gent, Belgium

Professor Keith Wrightson, Yale University, USA