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Vision-based autonomous hovering for a miniature quad-rotor

  • J. E. Gomez-Balderas (a1), S. Salazar (a2), J. A. Guerrero (a3) and R. Lozano (a2) (a4)


In this paper, a vision-based scheme for the autonomous hovering of a miniature quad-rotor is developed. Cameras are used to estimate the position and the translational velocity of the vehicle. The dynamic model of the miniature quad-rotor is developed using the Newton–Euler approach. A nonlinear controller based on a separated saturation control strategy for a miniature quad-rotor is presented. To validate the theoretical results, an embedded control system for the miniature quad-rotor has been developed. Thus, the analytic results are supported by experimental tests. Experimental results have validated the proposed control strategy.


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Vision-based autonomous hovering for a miniature quad-rotor

  • J. E. Gomez-Balderas (a1), S. Salazar (a2), J. A. Guerrero (a3) and R. Lozano (a2) (a4)


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