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Solving kinematics and stiffness of a novel n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) spatial hyper-redundant manipulator

  • Bo Hu (a1) (a2) (a3), Yin Wang (a4), Jingjing Yu (a5) and Yi Lu (a1) (a2)


A novel n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) spatial hyper-redundant manipulator (SHRM) formed by an optional number of 2-UPS/PS+RPS(2-universal joint-prismatic joint-spherical joint/prismatic joint-spherical joint+revolute joint-prismatic joint-spherical joint) parallel manipulators(PMs) connected in series is proposed and analyzed in this paper. First, the forward kinematics of the 2-UPS/PS+RPS PM is derived in close form. By extending this result to the whole SHRM, the forward kinematics model of the n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) SHRM is established. Second, the compact and elegant expressions for solving the forward velocity of the n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) SHRM are derived. Third, the statics and stiffness of the n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) SHRM are analyzed systematically by considering both active forces and constrained forces existed in each 2-UPS/PS+RPS PM. Finally, an analytically solved example is given for a 4(2-UPS/PS+RPS) SHRM formed by four 2-UPS/PS+RPS PMs. The analytical results are verified by CAD software.


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Solving kinematics and stiffness of a novel n(2-UPS/PS+RPS) spatial hyper-redundant manipulator

  • Bo Hu (a1) (a2) (a3), Yin Wang (a4), Jingjing Yu (a5) and Yi Lu (a1) (a2)


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