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A Single-Loop MIMO Trajectory Tracking Controller for Autonomous Quadrotors: The Control Point Concept

  • Han Woong Bae (a1) and Farbod Fahimi (a1)


In this paper, a sliding mode control using a control point concept is proposed for an under-actuated quadrotor. The proposed controller controls the position of the control point, a displaced point from the quadrotor’s geometric center, and the yaw angle. This method solves singularity issues in control matrix inversion and enables the utilization of the multi-input multi-output equation to derive the control inputs. The sliding surface is designed to control four outputs while stabilizing roll and pitch angles. Simulation and experimental results show the effectiveness and robustness of the proposed controller in the tracking of a trajectory under parametric uncertainties.


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A Single-Loop MIMO Trajectory Tracking Controller for Autonomous Quadrotors: The Control Point Concept

  • Han Woong Bae (a1) and Farbod Fahimi (a1)


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