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Dimensional synthesis and concept design of a novel minimally invasive surgical robot

  • Guojun Niu (a1), Bo Pan (a1), Fuhai Zhang (a1), Haibo Feng (a1), Wenpeng Gao (a2) and Yili Fu (a1)...


A new minimally invasive surgical (MIS) robot consisting of a spherical remote center motion (RCM) mechanism with modular design is proposed. A multi-objective dimensional synthesis model is presented to obtain the excellent performance indices. There are four objectives: a global kinematic index, a compactness index, a global comprehensive stiffness index, and a global dynamic index. Other indices characterizing the design requirement, such as workspace, mechanical parameter, and mass, are chosen as constraints. A new decoupled mechanism is raised to solve the coupled motion between the linear platform and the four degrees of freedom (DoF) of surgical instrument as a result of post-driving motors. Another new mechanical decoupled method is proposed to eliminate the coupled motion between the wrist and the forceps, enhance the dexterity of surgical instrument, and improve the independence of each motor. Then, a 7-DoF MIS robotic prototype based on optimization results has been built up. Experiment results validate the effectiveness of the two mechanical decoupled methods. The position change of the RCM point, accuracy, and repeatability of the MIS robot meet the requirements of MIS. Successful animal experiments validate the effectiveness of the novel MIS robot.


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Dimensional synthesis and concept design of a novel minimally invasive surgical robot

  • Guojun Niu (a1), Bo Pan (a1), Fuhai Zhang (a1), Haibo Feng (a1), Wenpeng Gao (a2) and Yili Fu (a1)...


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