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Design and analysis of CICABOT: a novel translational parallel manipulator based on two 5-bar mechanisms

  • M. F. Ruiz-Torres (a1), E. Castillo-Castaneda (a1) and J. A. Briones-Leon (a1)


This work presents the CICABOT, a novel 3-DOF translational parallel manipulator (TPM) with large workspace. The manipulator consists of two 5-bar mechanisms connected by two prismatic joints; the moving platform is on the union of these prismatic joints; each 5-bar mechanism has two legs. The mobility of the proposed mechanism, based on Gogu approach, is also presented. The inverse and direct kinematics are solved from geometric analysis. The manipulator's Jacobian is developed from the vector equation of the robot legs; the singularities can be easily derived from Jacobian matrix. The manipulator workspace is determined from analysis of a 5-bar mechanism; the resulting workspace is the intersection of two hollow cylinders that is much larger than other TPM with similar dimensions.


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