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Shielding calculation for the Proton-Therapy-Center in Prague, Czech Republic

  • T. Urban and J. Kluson


The study of radiation fields around the cyclotron room was carried out for the Proton-Therapy-Center in Prague (Czech Republic). The 230 MeV proton cyclotron will be installed there as well as additional components located along the beampath. The ambient doses were computed by taking into account 3 major sources of secondary radiation (neutron and photon) – the cyclotron, energy degrader and its collimator. The fluxes of neutrons/photons produced by protons were computed using Monte Carlo code MCNPXTM 2.5.0. Energy and angular distributions were computed for various targets and proton beam energies. Different physical models of high-energy proton interactions were studied as well. The annual charge at the cyclotron exit was based on the “patient model” (distribution of treatment type) established for a similar therapy center in Essen (Germany). Calculated data were used as an approximation of the radiation field of the most significant sources of radiation (graphite degrader, tantalum collimator). Fluence-to-dose conversion factors from ICRP-74 were used for the annual dose equivalent evaluation. With these results, the shielding analysis in the Therapy-Center was performed in the context of the current legislation requirements.


Corresponding author


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Shielding calculation for the Proton-Therapy-Center in Prague, Czech Republic

  • T. Urban and J. Kluson


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