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Overview on the model development carried out in the EURANOS project

  • Wolfgang Raskob, Michel Hugon, Wolfgang Raskob, Michel Hugon and W. Raskob (a1)...


The research activities under the work package CAT2 – improvement of decision support systems, focused on the one hand to improve the operability of the RODOS system but on the other hand to enhance RODOS and ARGOS with simulation models still missing in the portfolio of these two decision support systems. For RODOS, the work focused on the improvement of the atmospheric dispersion modelling in complex terrain and the improvement of the data assimilation functionalities. For both systems, the later phase models dealing with countermeasures in inhabited areas and food production systems have been considerably enhanced.



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Overview on the model development carried out in the EURANOS project

  • Wolfgang Raskob, Michel Hugon, Wolfgang Raskob, Michel Hugon and W. Raskob (a1)...


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