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Investigation of the distribution of 137Cs in the surface layer of the Southern Ocean (Atlantic sector)

  • M.M. Domanov (a1)


An investigation of the latitudinal distribution of concentrations of 137Cs at 19 stations in the surface water of the Southern Ocean on cross-sections to the South from the Cape of Good Hope (section SR2) and in the Drake Passage (30th cruise "Academic Ioffe", 01.12.2009–09.01.2010) was performed. The data obtained reinforced the time-dependent exponential decrease in the 137Cs concentrations in the surface water of the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Increased 137Cs concentrations were found in the Drake Passage and in the section SR2 in the vicinity of the Polar Front. The average value of 137Cs concentrations for all measurements equals 0.18 Bq.m–3 σ = 0.11.



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Investigation of the distribution of 137Cs in the surface layer of the Southern Ocean (Atlantic sector)

  • M.M. Domanov (a1)


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