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Assessment of the radiological impact of a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Italy

  • A. Petraglia (a1), C. Sabbarese (a2), M. De Cesare (a1), N. De Cesare (a2), F. Quinto (a1), F. Terrasi (a1), A. D'onofrio (a1), P. Steier (a3), L. K. Fifield (a4) and A. M. Esposito (a5)...


The assessment of the radiological impact of a decommissioned nuclear power plant is presented here through the results of an environmental monitoring survey carried out in the area surrounding the Garigliano Power Plant. The levels of radioactivity in soil, water, air and other environmental matrices are shown, in which α, β and γ activity and the γ equivalent dose rate are measured. Radioactivity levels of the samples from the Garigliano area are analyzed and then compared with those from a control zone situated more than 100 km away. Moreover, a comparison is made with a previous survey carried out in 2001. The analyses and comparisons show no significant alteration in the radiological characteristics of the area surrounding the plant, with the overall radioactivity depending mainly on the global fallout and natural sources.



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Assessment of the radiological impact of a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Italy

  • A. Petraglia (a1), C. Sabbarese (a2), M. De Cesare (a1), N. De Cesare (a2), F. Quinto (a1), F. Terrasi (a1), A. D'onofrio (a1), P. Steier (a3), L. K. Fifield (a4) and A. M. Esposito (a5)...


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