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University of Pennsylvania Radiocarbon Dates XVII

Published online by Cambridge University Press:  18 July 2016

Barbara Lawn*
Department of Physics and University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19174
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This date list includes most of the archaeologic and geologic samples dated in this laboratory since publication of our last date list (R, v 13, p 367–381), as well as some samples dated previously, which lacked adequate sample information. Known-age samples are reported in Univ of Pennsylvania Radiocarbon Dates XVI, this issue. The bp ages are based on ad 1950, and have been calculated with the half-life value of 5568 yr. All samples were counted at least twice for periods of not less than 1000 min each. Errors quoted for each sample are derived from the measurement of the sample, the background, and several counts of our mid- 19th century standard Oak sample, but do not include the half-life error. All samples were pretreated with 3N HCL, and some, where noted, were given additional pretreatment with 2% NaOH for the removal of possible humic acid contaminants.

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