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A Study of KF3 Attenuation in an RFQ Gas Cell for 41Ca AMS

  • X-L Zhao (a1), A E Litherland (a2), J Eliades (a2), Y-C Fu (a3) and W E Kieser (a1)...


Guided by simulations using SIMION 8.1, a series of modifications were made to an experimental version of an Isobar Separator for Anions (ISA). The resulting improved version of the ISA provides a means of re-energizing the ions after they are cooled by gas collisions as they pass through the gas-filled radiofrequency quadrupoles (RFQ), and also provides higher transmission efficiencies. Reinvestigation of the separation of CaF3 and KF3 with this refined apparatus resulted in a better balance between isobar suppression and analyte transmission. KF3 was attenuated at eV energies by 4 orders of magnitude while 40% transmission of CaF3 was retained, for a 20keV CaF3 beam of Φ2mm and ±12mr. These results advance the possibility of an efficient small ISA-AMS system for both cosmogenic and medical applications of 41Ca.


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A Study of KF3 Attenuation in an RFQ Gas Cell for 41Ca AMS

  • X-L Zhao (a1), A E Litherland (a2), J Eliades (a2), Y-C Fu (a3) and W E Kieser (a1)...


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