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  • Christopher Bronk Ramsey (a1), Timothy J Heaton (a2), Gordon Schlolaut (a3) (a4), Richard A Staff (a5), Charlotte L Bryant (a5), Achim Brauer (a4), Henry F Lamb (a6), Michael H Marshall (a6) and Takeshi Nakagawa (a7)...


Terrestrial plant macrofossils from the sedimentary record of Lake Suigetsu, Japan, provide the only quasi-continuous direct atmospheric record of radiocarbon (14C) covering the last 50 ka cal BP (Bronk Ramsey et al. 2012). Since then, new high precision data have become available on U-Th dated speleothems from Hulu Cave China, covering the same time range (Cheng et al. 2018). In addition, an updated varve-based chronology has also been published for the 2006 core from Lake Suigetsu (SG06) based on extended microscopic analysis of the sediments and improved algorithms for interpolation (Schlolaut et al. 2018). Here we reanalyze the radiocarbon dataset from Suigetsu based on the new varve counting information and the constraints imposed by the speleothem data. This enables the new information on the calendar age scale of the Suigetsu dataset to be used in the construction of the consensus IntCal calibration curve. Comparison of the speleothem and plant macrofossil records provides insight into the mechanisms underlying the incorporation of carbon into different types of record and the relative strengths of different types of archive for calibration purposes.


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  • Christopher Bronk Ramsey (a1), Timothy J Heaton (a2), Gordon Schlolaut (a3) (a4), Richard A Staff (a5), Charlotte L Bryant (a5), Achim Brauer (a4), Henry F Lamb (a6), Michael H Marshall (a6) and Takeshi Nakagawa (a7)...


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