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Radiocarbon Pretreatment Comparisons of Bald Cypress (Taxodium Distichum) wood samples from a massive buried deposit on the Georgia Coast, USA

  • Katharine G Napora (a1) (a2), Alexander Cherkinsky (a2), Robert J Speakman (a1) (a2), Victor D Thompson (a1), Robert Horan (a3) and Craig Jacobs (a3)...
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We sampled individual growth rings from three ancient remnant bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) trees from a massive buried deposit at the mouth of the Altamaha River on the Georgia Coast to determine the best technique for radiocarbon (14C) dating pretreatment. The results of our comparison of traditional ABA pretreatment and holocellulose and α-cellulose fractions show no significant differences among the pretreatments (<1 sigma) thereby suggesting that ABA pretreatment will prove sufficient for the development of a high-resolution 14C tree-ring chronology based on these ancient bald cypresses which will indicate whether the U.S. Southeast is subject to a regional radiocarbon offset.


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Selected Papers from the 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference, Trondheim, Norway, 17–22 June, 2018



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Radiocarbon Pretreatment Comparisons of Bald Cypress (Taxodium Distichum) wood samples from a massive buried deposit on the Georgia Coast, USA

  • Katharine G Napora (a1) (a2), Alexander Cherkinsky (a2), Robert J Speakman (a1) (a2), Victor D Thompson (a1), Robert Horan (a3) and Craig Jacobs (a3)...
  • Please note a correction has been issued for this article.


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