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The Radiocarbon Approach to Neanderthals in a Carnivore Den Site: a Well-Defined Chronology for Teixoneres Cave (Moià, Barcelona, Spain)

  • Sahra Talamo (a1), Ruth Blasco (a2), Florent Rivals (a3) (a4) (a5), Andrea Picin (a4) (a6) (a7), M Gema Chacón (a3) (a4) (a8), Eneko Iriarte (a9), Juan Manuel López-García (a10), Hugues-Alexandre Blain (a3) (a4), Maite Arilla (a3) (a4), Anna Rufà (a3) (a4), Carlos Sánchez-Hernández (a3) (a4), Míriam Andrés (a11), Edgard Camarós (a3) (a4), Anna Ballesteros (a3) (a4), Artur Cebrià (a3) (a4), Jordi Rosell (a3) (a4) and Jean-Jacques Hublin (a1)...


During the Middle Paleolithic period, carnivores and hominids periodically occupied the same areas at different times and each predator generated significant palimpsests, rendering difficult their archaeological interpretation. Teixoneres Cave, a carnivore den site, located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, demonstrates that it is possible to overcome these problems by using a careful strategy in selecting samples for radiocarbon dating, in order to produce an accurate chronology of the site in question and certainly attest the human occupation.


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