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Investigating the Local Reservoir Age and Stable Isotopes of Shells from Southeast Arabia

  • Susanne Lindauer (a1) (a2), Soraya Marali (a3), Bernd R Schöne (a3), Hans-Peter Uerpmann (a4), Bernd Kromer (a1) and Matthias Hinderer (a2)...


We recently started a systematic approach to determine the reservoir age in southeast Arabia and its dependence on mollusk species and their environment. This part of the study concentrates on local reservoir age and stable isotopes of the lagoonal species Terebralia palustris and Anadara uropigimelana at Khor Kalba, Oman Sea. Environmental and nutritive influences on mollusks are reflected in the radiocarbon and stable isotope signal. We found a local reservoir age of A. uropigimelana of about 940 yr and that of T. palustris as 800 yr. Sclerochronological analyses yielded information about seasonality of growth and death in A. uropigimelana. The modern shell of Periglypta reticulata shares food resources and habitat with Anadara sp., of which we did not find a modern specimen. It provided information on response to changes in temperature in the lagoonal system needed for suitability as reflecting climatic conditions. We were interested in carbon pathways of the mangrove in Kalba and a mangrove planted anew on a former mangrove sediment in Ajman. Being an obvious source of charcoal and food of T. palustris makes this information necessary. Further analyses will be performed to interpret changes in reservoir age in complex lagoonal systems as reaction to environmental variability.


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Selected Papers from the 2015 Radiocarbon Conference, Dakar, Senegal, 16–20 November 2015



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Investigating the Local Reservoir Age and Stable Isotopes of Shells from Southeast Arabia

  • Susanne Lindauer (a1) (a2), Soraya Marali (a3), Bernd R Schöne (a3), Hans-Peter Uerpmann (a4), Bernd Kromer (a1) and Matthias Hinderer (a2)...


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