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Accurate Radiocarbon Dating of Archaeological Ash Using Pyrogenic Aragonite

  • Michael B Toffolo (a1), Lior Regev (a2), Eugenia Mintz (a2), Kristin M Poduska (a3), Ruth Shahack-Gross (a4), Christoph Berthold (a5), Christopher E Miller (a1) (a6) and Elisabetta Boaretto (a2)...


Obtaining accurate age determinations from minerals in archaeological ash is a major unsolved issue in radiocarbon (14C) dating. This is because the original 14C content of calcite, the main component of ash, is altered by isotopic exchange. Pyrogenic aragonite, another mineral phase recently discovered in ash, might preserve its 14C signature through time. Using a new method based on density separation and step combustion, we were able to isolate and date aragonitic ash from an archaeological destruction horizon of known age. Here we show that the 14C age of aragonite matches the age of the destruction horizon. Our results demonstrate that pyrogenic aragonite is a short-lived material suitable for 14C dating and directly related to human activities involving the use of fire, thus bearing major implications for the establishment of absolute chronologies for the past 50,000 yr.


Corresponding author


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