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It's Moments Like These You Need ‘Mint’: A Mapping of Spatialised Sexuality in Brisbane

  • Sheona Thomson


This paper produces the first mapping of ostensibly ‘lesbian’ spaces in Brisbane, focusing on lesbian bars and/or clubs. While cultural geographers have long noted the increased presence of ‘queerness’ within urban built environments, including how articulations of queerness within the built environment impact on the usage of those spaces both by queers and non-queers, few have applied this work to Queensland's capital. This paper addresses the gap. To do so, I begin contextually by ‘overviewing’ how queer space has tended to be ‘mapped’ in existing scholarship. I then consider how lesbian space, in particular, is mediated through interpersonal networks, queer media and, increasingly, virtual spaces. The point of this is to consider how lesbians go about the process of finding each other, and of finding community, through and in the spaces of Brisbane's built environment. Finally, and with these contexts in place, I move on to a brief case study of the three incarnations of one lesbian bar in Brisbane: namely, Mint cocktail bar. This case study raises a series of questions, including what, if any, are the aesthetic characteristics of these spaces? How are they contextualised within, and how do they interact with, the broader built environment? And what, ultimately, might these spatial interactions reveal about ideologies of sexuality within the built environment of Brisbane?



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It's Moments Like These You Need ‘Mint’: A Mapping of Spatialised Sexuality in Brisbane

  • Sheona Thomson


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