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Broome Creole: Aboriginal and Asian Partnerships along the Kimberley Coast

  • Sarah Yu


Romantic Broome — the pearling centre of the North West … the locale of exciting novels! White-sailed luggers skimming across azure seas in the early dawn. Colowful Asiatics jostling in Sheba Lane — the famous street 0’ Pearls. And languorous tropical nights beneath the glittering southern Cross.



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2 Blackbirding was a practice in which pearlers or pastoralists would capture Aboriginal men and women to work on the boats as divers. There was much abuse of Aboriginal divers, in particular of the women.

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27 The “Hill” refers to Kennedy Hill which rises above Chinatown. An Aboriginal reserve was established in the 1950s, to keep the town Aborigines out of sight of the general community. It is now prime real estate.

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Broome Creole: Aboriginal and Asian Partnerships along the Kimberley Coast

  • Sarah Yu


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