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Tentative Correlation of Pollen Records of the Last Interglacial at Grande Pile and Ribains with Marine Isotope Stages

  • George J. Kukla (a1), Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu (a2), Helena Svobodova (a2), Valerie Andrieu-Ponel (a2), Nicolas Thouveny (a3) and Hagen Stockhausen (a3)...


Eemian lake deposits in Grande Pile and Ribains, France, correlate with marine isotope substages (MIS) 5e and 5d as delimited in two pollen-bearing deep-sea cores off Portugal. The Eemian forests in France lasted for approximately 20 millennia, from at least 126,000 to ca. 107,000 yr B.P. Oscillatory climate deteriorations began about 115,000 yr ago. An intense cold spell affected the region approximately 110,000 yr ago.


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Tentative Correlation of Pollen Records of the Last Interglacial at Grande Pile and Ribains with Marine Isotope Stages

  • George J. Kukla (a1), Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu (a2), Helena Svobodova (a2), Valerie Andrieu-Ponel (a2), Nicolas Thouveny (a3) and Hagen Stockhausen (a3)...


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