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Sea Level History in Beringia During the Past 250,000 Years1

  • David M. Hopkins (a1)


This paper attempts to relate current knowledge of sea-level history in Beringia to the Broecker-van Donk “Termination” concept of climatic and sea-level history. The Einahnuhtan transgression is thought to represent Termination III, which according to Broecker and van Donk, took place about 225,000 y.a. The Kotzebuan transgression is thought to represent a positive fluctuation that modulated the generally falling sea level during the ensuing 100,000 yr. Sea level probably fell to about −135 m in the Bering Sea area during the maximum phase of the penultimate glaciation. The two Pelukian shorelines probably represent Termination II (about 125,000 yr BP in the Broecker-van Donk chronology) and one of the two positive fluctuations that modulated the generally falling sea level of early Wisconsinan time, about 105,000 and 80,000 y.a. according to Broecker and van Donk. Another positive modulation brought sea level to at least −20 m, about 30,000 y.a. Sea level evidently fell to between −90 and −100 m during the late Wisconsinan regression, but a substantial part of the outer Bering shelf remained submerged. Submerged shoreline features at −38m, −30 m, −24 to −20 m, and −12 to −10 m represent stillstands or slight regressions that modulated Termination I, the late Wisconsinan, and early Holocene recovery of sea level.



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Publication authorized by the Director, U.S. Geological Survey.



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Sea Level History in Beringia During the Past 250,000 Years1

  • David M. Hopkins (a1)


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