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New Dates on Late Pleistocene Dacitic Tephra from the Mount Edgecumbe Volcanic Field, Southeastern Alaska

  • James E. Begét (a1) and Roman J. Motyka (a2)


New radiocarbon dates on charcoal incorporated in proximal airfall deposits indicate the largest late Pleistocene eruption from the Mt. Edgecumbe volcanic field in Southeast Alaska occurred ca. 11,250 ± 50 14C yr B.P. The more precise dating of the principal Edgecumbe tephra layer greatly improves its utility as a tephrochronologic marker horizon in southeastern Alaska.



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New Dates on Late Pleistocene Dacitic Tephra from the Mount Edgecumbe Volcanic Field, Southeastern Alaska

  • James E. Begét (a1) and Roman J. Motyka (a2)


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