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The X-Ray Spectrum of Sco XR-1 to 100 keV

  • P. J. N. Davison (a1)


This paper presents the results of a measurement of the high-energy (E ≥ 17 keV) X-ray flux from Sco XR-1 extending to higher energies than has previously been reported. The measurement was made during a balloon flight launched from Mildura, Australia, on 29 February 1968. The X-ray observatory contained two independent X-ray detectors, one being similar in principle to the active collimator detector pioneered by Peterson et al., the other being basically similar to the graded shield detector developed by Boldt et al. Our two detecting systems are described in more detail by Buselli et al. and also in previous papers of this conference.



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The X-Ray Spectrum of Sco XR-1 to 100 keV

  • P. J. N. Davison (a1)


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