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Study of Pulsations in the Nova-like Variable KR Aur and the Intermediate Polar BG CMi

  • J. Singh (a1), P. C. Agrawal (a1), M. V. K. Apparao (a1), R. K. Manchanda (a1), P. Vivekananda Rao (a2) and M. B. K. Sarma (a2)...


Fast photometric observations of a nova-like variable KR Aurigae and the intermediate polar BG CMi (3A0729+103) were made in the B and U bands during 1984–89 to study pulsations in them. The light curves of KR Aur show large amplitude quasi-periodic pulsations with periods in the range 500–800s which can be ascribed to inhomogeneities in the accretion disc. The light curves of the X-ray emitting intermediate polar BG CMi show variable amplitude pulsations with 913s period. From the times of maxima of the pulsations obtained from observations over the period 1984–1989, the pulsation period is derived to be 0.010572966 ± 8 days and the spin-up rate to be (−5.7 ± 0.5) × 10−11 ss−1. The spin-up rate is consistent with the pulsating source being a white dwarf and not a neutron star.



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