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Stellar Outflows and Jets

  • W. J. Zealey (a1), R. Mundt (a2), T. P. Ray (a3), G. Sandell (a4), T. Geballe (a4), K. N. R. Taylor (a5), P. M. Williams (a6) and H. Zinnecker (a7)...


We present maps in the visible emission lines of [S II] and the infrared emission lines of H2, at 2.12μm, for several bipolar outflow complexes which exhibit jet structures. A comparison of the morphology of this infrared emission and that seen in visible emission lines shows both the visible and the H2 emission exhibit clumpy structure on similar scales. It appears that the brightest H2 emission occurs at the working surfaces of the jets. Virtually no H2 emission is associated with the jets themselves.

Velocity profiles are presented for several objects and possible emission mechanisms are discussed.



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