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SPICA—A Large Cryogenic Infrared Space Telescope: Unveiling the Obscured Universe

  • P. R. Roelfsema (a1) (a2), H. Shibai (a3) (a4), L. Armus (a5), D. Arrazola (a6), M. Audard (a7), M. D. Audley (a1), C.M. Bradford (a8) (a9), I. Charles (a10), P. Dieleman (a1), Y. Doi (a11), L. Duband (a10), M. Eggens (a1), J. Evers (a1), I. Funaki (a4), J. R. Gao (a1), M. Giard (a12), A. di Giorgio (a13), L. M. González Fernández (a6), M. Griffin (a14), F. P. Helmich (a1) (a2), R. Hijmering (a1), R. Huisman (a1), D. Ishihara (a15), N. Isobe (a4), B. Jackson (a1), H. Jacobs (a1), W. Jellema (a1), I. Kamp (a2), H. Kaneda (a15), M. Kawada (a4), F. Kemper (a16), F. Kerschbaum (a17), P. Khosropanah (a1), K. Kohno (a18), P. P. Kooijman (a1), O. Krause (a19), J. van der Kuur (a1), J. Kwon (a4), W. M. Laauwen (a1), G. de Lange (a1), B. Larsson (a20), D. van Loon (a1), S. C. Madden (a21), H. Matsuhara (a4), F. Najarro (a22), T. Nakagawa (a4), D. Naylor (a23), H. Ogawa (a4), T. Onaka (a24), S. Oyabu (a15), A. Poglitsch (a25), V. Reveret (a26), L. Rodriguez (a26), L. Spinoglio (a11), I. Sakon (a24), Y. Sato (a27), K. Shinozaki (a27), R. Shipman (a1) (a2), H. Sugita (a27), T. Suzuki (a15), F. F. S. van der Tak (a1) (a2), J. Torres Redondo (a22), T. Wada (a4), S. Y. Wang (a16), C. K. Wafelbakker (a1), H. van Weers (a1), S. Withington (a28), B. Vandenbussche (a29), T. Yamada (a4) and I. Yamamura (a4)...


Measurements in the infrared wavelength domain allow direct assessment of the physical state and energy balance of cool matter in space, enabling the detailed study of the processes that govern the formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems in galaxies over cosmic time. Previous infrared missions revealed a great deal about the obscured Universe, but were hampered by limited sensitivity.

SPICA takes the next step in infrared observational capability by combining a large 2.5-meter diameter telescope, cooled to below 8 K, with instruments employing ultra-sensitive detectors. A combination of passive cooling and mechanical coolers will be used to cool both the telescope and the instruments. With mechanical coolers the mission lifetime is not limited by the supply of cryogen. With the combination of low telescope background and instruments with state-of-the-art detectors SPICA provides a huge advance on the capabilities of previous missions.

SPICA instruments offer spectral resolving power ranging from R ~50 through 11 000 in the 17–230 μm domain and R ~28.000 spectroscopy between 12 and 18 μm. SPICA will provide efficient 30–37 μm broad band mapping, and small field spectroscopic and polarimetric imaging at 100, 200 and 350 μm. SPICA will provide infrared spectroscopy with an unprecedented sensitivity of ~5 × 10−20 W m−2 (5σ/1 h)—over two orders of magnitude improvement over what earlier missions. This exceptional performance leap, will open entirely new domains in infrared astronomy; galaxy evolution and metal production over cosmic time, dust formation and evolution from very early epochs onwards, the formation history of planetary systems.


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