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The Spectrum of Smc X-1

  • B. A. Peterson (a1) and N. V. Vidal (a1)


The variable X-ray source in the direction of the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), SMC X-1 (2U 0115-73) was discovered by Leong et al. (1971). X-ray eclipses with a period of 3.8927 ± 0.0010 days were subsequently reported by Schreier et al. (1972). Identification of the X-ray source with SK 160, star number 160 in the list of Sanduleak (1968), was proposed by Webster et al. (1972) on the basis of the similarity of its spectrum with that of the optical counterpart of Cyg X-1.



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The Spectrum of Smc X-1

  • B. A. Peterson (a1) and N. V. Vidal (a1)


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