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Solar Activity in the Corona

  • D. J. McLean (a1)


When I began my studies of solar radio astronomy, Dr J. L. Pawsey, who then led the radio astronomy group in the Division of Radiophysics, CSIRO, explained to me that the internal structure of the Sun was ‘well understood’, thanks to a lack of conflicting observational data, but that for the observable layers of the Sun, the photosphere, chromosphere and corona, a great many mysteries remained. I am sure that he would have been amused by the recent discovery that there are not enough neutrons coming from the core of the Sun. I shall devote most of my talk to matters about which we are fairly certain, but often I will only be able to give part of the story because the details have not yet emerged from the wealth of solar mysteries.



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Solar Activity in the Corona

  • D. J. McLean (a1)


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