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The Parkes-MIT-NRAO Southern Sky Survey at 4850 MHz


During 1990 we surveyed the southern sky using a multi-beam receiver at frequencies of 4850 and 843 MHz. The half-power beamwidths were 4 and 25 arcmin respectively. The finished surveys cover the declination range between +10 and −90 degrees declination, essentially complete in right ascension, an area of 7.30 steradians. Preliminary analysis of the 4850 MHz data indicates that we will achieve a five sigma flux density limit of about 30 mJy. We estimate that we will find between 80 000 and 90 000 new sources above this limit. This is a revised version of the paper presented at the Regional Meeting by the first four authors; the surveys now have been completed.



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Wright, A. E. and Otrupcek, R., 1990. PKSCAT90 is an ATNF/CSIRO internal publication, available from the authors on request.

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The Parkes-MIT-NRAO Southern Sky Survey at 4850 MHz


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