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A Multi-Frequency Study of the Milky Way-Like Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744

  • Miranda Yew (a1), Miroslav D. Filipović (a1), Quentin Roper (a1), Jordan D. Collier (a1) (a2), Evan J. Crawford (a1), Thomas H. Jarrett (a3), Nicholas F. H. Tothill (a1), Andrew N. O’Brien (a1) (a2), Marko Z. Pavlović (a4), Thomas G. Pannuti (a5), Timothy J. Galvin (a1) (a2) (a6), Anna D. Kapińska (a7) (a8), Michelle E. Cluver (a9), Julie K. Banfield (a1) (a10), Eric M. Schlegel (a11), Nigel Maxted (a1) (a12) and Kevin R. Grieve (a1)...


We present a multi-frequency study of the intermediate spiral SAB(r)bc type galaxy NGC 6744, using available data from the Chandra X-Ray telescope, radio continuum data from the Australia Telescope Compact Array and Murchison Widefield Array, and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer infrared observations. We identify 117 X-ray sources and 280 radio sources. Of these, we find nine sources in common between the X-ray and radio catalogues, one of which is a faint central black hole with a bolometric radio luminosity similar to the Milky Way’s central black hole. We classify 5 objects as supernova remnant (SNR) candidates, 2 objects as likely SNRs, 17 as H ii regions, 1 source as an AGN; the remaining 255 radio sources are categorised as background objects and one X-ray source is classified as a foreground star. We find the star-formation rate (SFR) of NGC 6744 to be in the range 2.8–4.7 M~yr − 1 signifying the galaxy is still actively forming stars. The specific SFR of NGC 6744 is greater than that of late-type spirals such as the Milky Way, but considerably less that that of a typical starburst galaxy.


Corresponding author


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A Multi-Frequency Study of the Milky Way-Like Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744

  • Miranda Yew (a1), Miroslav D. Filipović (a1), Quentin Roper (a1), Jordan D. Collier (a1) (a2), Evan J. Crawford (a1), Thomas H. Jarrett (a3), Nicholas F. H. Tothill (a1), Andrew N. O’Brien (a1) (a2), Marko Z. Pavlović (a4), Thomas G. Pannuti (a5), Timothy J. Galvin (a1) (a2) (a6), Anna D. Kapińska (a7) (a8), Michelle E. Cluver (a9), Julie K. Banfield (a1) (a10), Eric M. Schlegel (a11), Nigel Maxted (a1) (a12) and Kevin R. Grieve (a1)...


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