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Treatment, expressed emotion and relapse in recent onset schizophrenic disorders

  • D. Linszen (a1), P. Dingemans (a1), J. W. Van Der Does (a1), A. Nugter (a1), P. Scholte (a1), R. Lenior (a1), C. Vanier (a1) and M. J. Goldstein (a1)...


The effect of in-patient and individual orientated psychosocial intervention (IPI) and in-patient and individual and family orientated intervention (IPFI) across levels of expressed emotion (EE) on relapse was compared in a group of patients with recent onset schizophrenic disorders. Patients were randomly assigned to an individual orientated psychosocial intervention programme or to an identical psychosocial programme plus a behavioural family intervention. Seventy-six patients were studied during a 12 month out-patient treatment period after an in-patient treatment programme in which parents followed a psychoeducational programme. Overall relapse rates during the out-patient interventions were low (16%). Adding family intervention to the psychosocial intervention did not affect the relapse rate. Patients in low EE families relapsed slightly more often during the psychosocial plus family intervention. In-patient treatment with psychoeducation for parents, followed by an out-patient psychosocial intervention programme, has a favourable impact on relapse. Additional family intervention may increase stress in low EE families, thus affecting relapse in their children.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr Don H. Linszen, Academic Medical Centre. University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychiatry. Tafelbergweg 25, 1105 BC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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