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Survival on home haemodialysis: its relationship with physical symptomatology, psychosocial background and psychiatric morbidity

  • C. J. Farmer (a1), M. Bewick (a1), V. Parsons (a1) and S. A. Snowden (a1)


An entire group of 32 home dialysis patients from one hospital renal unit was assessed for psychiatric morbidity on a standardized interview of proven reliability. A rating of physical symptomatology and an enquiry into the childhood and psychosocial background were made at the same time. Psychiatric morbidity, physical symptomatology and a history of good relationships with both natural parents in childhood were inter-related. They were all related to survival on haemodialysis 3½ years later. Survival was also associated with a coping spouse and full-time employment or housework by the patient. These findings are discussed in the light of current concepts of the psychosocial setting for physical illness.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr C. J. Farmer, Castel Hospital, Guernsey, C.I.


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