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Suicide rates in Ireland

  • M. Clarke-Finnegan (a1) and T. J. Fahy (a1)


From a total of 410 post-mortem examinations on Gaiway residents deceased in 1978 the examining pathologist and 3 psychiatrists were in close agreement in 22 cases that death was by suicide. These figures were extrapolated, and a Republic of Ireland minimum true rate of suicide was computed which was 3 times greater than the official reported rate. Irish suicide data were found not to be dependent on coroners' reports as is commonly believed. It is concluded that under-reporting reduces Irish suicide rates to a far greater extent than has been supposed. The substitution of clinical for legalistic methods of recording suicide data is recommended.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr Mary Clarke-Finnegan, University Department of Psychiatry, Regional Hospital, Galway, Republic of Ireland.


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Suicide rates in Ireland

  • M. Clarke-Finnegan (a1) and T. J. Fahy (a1)


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