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A longitudinal psychopathological schedule

  • Ian Brockington (a1), Anne Roper (a1), Elaine Edmunds (a1), Carol Kaufman (a1) and Herbert Y. Meltzer (a1)...


A schedule is described for rating the symptoms of mental illness over a period of time which includes several episodes. The reliability was measured in a study involving six raters. The sources of information required were studied, in 20 patients, by comparing an interview with the patient, a similar interview with an informant and an analysis of the case records. A synopsis of interview and record data are necessary to obtain adequate information about longitudinal psychopathology and ‘lifetime’ diagnosis.


Corresponding author

1 Address for correspondence: Professor Ian Brockington, Department of Psychiatry, Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital, Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham B15 2QZ.


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A longitudinal psychopathological schedule

  • Ian Brockington (a1), Anne Roper (a1), Elaine Edmunds (a1), Carol Kaufman (a1) and Herbert Y. Meltzer (a1)...


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