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Incidence of referred mental illness in Chichester and Salisbury

  • Jacqueline Grad de Alarcón (a1), Peter Sainsbury (a1) and W. Roy Costain (a1)


The annual rates of referral to two differently organized comprehensive psychiatric services in separate but demographically similar areas are presented for various demographic social and clinical categories. In Part 1 the rates are examined for similarities both between the two areas and with findings from other studies in order to obtain pointers to factors affecting the inception of psychiatric disorders. In Part 2 an attempt is made to evaluate an aspect of the community service. Differences between the rates in the two areas are discussed with a view to identifying those variables that selectively affect referral to a community service.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence and present address: Southampton Evaluation Project, Knowle Hospital, Fareham, Hants.


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Incidence of referred mental illness in Chichester and Salisbury

  • Jacqueline Grad de Alarcón (a1), Peter Sainsbury (a1) and W. Roy Costain (a1)


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