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Gender and mortality in schizophrenia: do women act like men?

  • J. M. Goldstein (a1), S. L. Santangelo (a1), J. Simpson (a1) and M. T. Tsuang (a1)


The effect of gender on mortality was explored for a sample of DSM-III diagnosed schizophrenics followed for up to 42 years. The data for 332 cases and 304 matched normal controls were from the retrospective cohort family studies, the Iowa 500 and non-500. Survival analysis and Cox regression models were used to test the effects of gender, illness status and their interaction on the risks for natural and unnatural deaths. The control men experienced significantly more unnatural deaths than the control women, which was not found for schizophrenic men and women. The unnatural death rate among schizophrenic women was similar to the rate for schizophrenic and control men, and significantly higher than for control women during the early phase of the illness. Findings suggest that some factors that predict suicide may be similar for schizophrenic women and men.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr Jill M. Goldstein, Psychiatry Service (116A), Brockton VA Medical Center, 940 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA 02401, USA.


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Gender and mortality in schizophrenia: do women act like men?

  • J. M. Goldstein (a1), S. L. Santangelo (a1), J. Simpson (a1) and M. T. Tsuang (a1)


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