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Drinking problems among recidivist prisoners

  • Griffith Edwards (a1), Celia Hensman (a1) and Julian Peto (a1)


The general relationship between alcohol and crime is reviewed, and five central methodological problems are identified relevant to prison population ‘alcoholism prevalence surveys’ as a prelude to a report of an investigation of 500 recidivist prisoners. The prevalence rate is shown to be highly dependent on the particular definition of ‘alcoholism’ which is employed. Long-term and short-term prisoner subgroups are compared, and similarities with a population of non-prisoner homeless men discussed. A ‘dependence score’ derived from an operant conditioning model of alcoholism correlates significantly with various measures of social instability.



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Drinking problems among recidivist prisoners

  • Griffith Edwards (a1), Celia Hensman (a1) and Julian Peto (a1)


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