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Correlates of enduring distress patterns following bereavement: social network, life situation and personality

  • M. L. S. Vachon (a1), A. R. Sheldon (a1), W. J. Lancee (a1), W. A. L. Lyall (a1), J. Rogers (a1) and S. J. J. Freeman (a1)...


In a 2-year study of conjugal bereavement, 26 of 99 women remained highly distressed throughout the course of the study. Of the remaining 73 women, 30 never gave evidence of ‘high distress’. Deficits in social support, health and financial problems correlate with enduring ‘high distress’. Personality traits consonant with a socially acceptable and expected ‘widow role’ were found to differentiate the women with enduring ‘low distress’.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr M. L. S. Vachon, Social and Community Psychiatry Section, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, 250 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T I R8, Canada


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Correlates of enduring distress patterns following bereavement: social network, life situation and personality

  • M. L. S. Vachon (a1), A. R. Sheldon (a1), W. J. Lancee (a1), W. A. L. Lyall (a1), J. Rogers (a1) and S. J. J. Freeman (a1)...


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