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Blood barbiturate levels in a patient dependent upon amylobarbitone sodium

  • J. P. Watson (a1) and M. D. Radford (a1)


In a barbiturate dependent patient, the blood barbiturate was less than 0·2 mg% two and a half hours after an oral dose of 200 mg amylobarbitone sodium. Amylobarbitone was withdrawn, and the patient was maintained on phenobarbitone, with a blood barbiturate level that remained at about 4·0 mg% over several weeks. Themost likelyexplanation of the findings is that the oxidation of amylobarbitone, but not phenobarbitone, is accelerated in patients dependent on the former drug.



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Blood barbiturate levels in a patient dependent upon amylobarbitone sodium

  • J. P. Watson (a1) and M. D. Radford (a1)


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