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Biological component of the NIMH Clinical Research Branch Collaborative Program on the psychobiology of depression: II. Methodology and data analysis

  • Steven Secunda, Stephen H. Koslow (a1), D. Eugene Redmond (a2), David Garver (a3), T. Alan Ramsey (a4), Jack Croughan (a5), James Kocsis (a6), Israel Hanin (a7), Kenneth Lieberman (a8) and Regina Casper (a9)...


A preceding paper has reviewed the history, background, and rationale for this collaborative effort exploring the biologic basis of the affective disorders. This paper details the ‘flow’ of a subject through the experimental protocol, the instrumentation used to obtain the clinical and behavioural data, and the biologic methodologies employed in the analysis of the body fluids. Data management and analysis techniques developed for this study are also examined.


Corresponding author

1Address for correspondence: Dr Steven Secunda, 1050 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064, USA.


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