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Chinese Painting and Cultural Interpretation: Chiang Yee's Travel Writing During the Cold War Era

  • Da Zheng


On June 11, 1956, Chiang Yee was led into the Sanders Theater of Harvard University, where he began delivering his Phi Beta Kappa oration, entitled “The Chinese Painter”:

The word “Chinese” in my title conveys a reference both to the birthplace of the painter and to the type of work to be expected from him; but while that is what I mean, I wish to point out that the word has not the same significance today as it would have had fifty to a hundred years ago. Then a “Chinese” painter was a painter absolutely and exclusively Chinese, differing fundamentally from the painters of all other nations and races. When I speak of a Chinese painter of today, I mean one who is basically Chinese but not exclusively so in his creation. He is not, and should not be, isolated from or independent of the rest of the world, for he has his part to play in the cultural evolution of the world. (242)



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Chinese Painting and Cultural Interpretation: Chiang Yee's Travel Writing During the Cold War Era

  • Da Zheng


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