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Effect of Transverse Magnetization on the Resistance of Nickel at High Temperatures

  • C. G. Knott


In a previous communication it was pointed out that the effect of transverse magnetization on the resistance of nickel wire was inappreciable in fields below 500 C.G.S. units, thereby differing from the case of longitudinal magnetization, in which the effect was easily measurable in fields below 20. The reason of this is no doubt to be referred to the thinness of the wire in the direction of the magetizing force. To measure the effect of transverse magnetization it was necessary to form a fiat coil and insert it between the poles of a powerful electro-magnet. Considerable difficulty was experienced in winding this coil with interwound asbestos insulation, for great care had to be taken that no part of the wire cut the lines of force obliquely, otherwise there would be a resolved component of longitudinal effect, which in certain cases might altogether mask the effect looked for. The coil used in the final experiments was suitable in all respects. It was coiled between glass plates, the successive coils being separated by threads of asbestos. Round the coil another coil (of Beacon wire) was wound anti-inductively, so that any current passing through it would have no magnetic action upon the nickel wire inside. By varying the current in this external coil I was able to heat the nickel to any desired temperature up to 400° C. In any one experiment the final temperature came to a steady state, and not till this state was reached was it possible to begin the observations on the resistance change. This was measured in the manner already described in my paper on the effect of longitudinal magnetization, and it will suffice meanwhile to call attention to a remarkable result obtained when the temperature approached that at which nickel ceases to be strongly magnetic.



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note * page 292 Proc, vol. xxiv. p. 501 (1903).

note † page 292 Trans., vol. xli. pp. 3952 (1904).


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