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XVI.—Algal Metabolism and Water Pollution in the Tay Region*

  • W. D. P. Stewart (a1)


The river Tay receives water from an area covering over 2500 square miles of Scotland and has a discharge which is greater than that of the Severn and the Thames combined. It is, in addition, the least polluted of our major British rivers today. It thus provides a composite sample of the waters draining through much of east central Scotland, it provides a baseline for studies on other major British rivers, and with the impending upsurge in industrial activity along the Scottish east coast with the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea, the importance of having a baseline against which future environmental changes can be measured is now a matter of urgency.



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This paper was assisted in publication by a grant from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.



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XVI.—Algal Metabolism and Water Pollution in the Tay Region*

  • W. D. P. Stewart (a1)


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